Dr. Julia DeVoy

pronouns: she/her/hers
Co-Founder & Board Member Since June 2017

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Julia DeVoy, Ph.D., has been involved in developmental and social impact work nationally and internationally since 1989. Julia, who earned a M.T.S. from Harvard University, and a M.B.A. from Oxford University in addition to her doctorate in Applied Developmental Psychology from Boston College, has been with Boston College since 1998. Her research has concentrated on social mobility and ways disempowered individuals‎ develop dual ‎class-based ‎psychological identities.‎ In the field, she advises on design thinking of social impact initiatives.

Julia was selected as the Global Opportunities and Threats: Oxford awardee for research addressing complex issues of fresh water scarcity. She was also awarded the Oxford Dean’s Prize for graduating first in her MBA class. She has served as mentor for Churchill and Truman Scholars, and Fulbright and McNair Fellows. In 2016, she received the Boston College 'Ever to Excel' Award, given to a faculty member who most expanded the horizons, skills, and value systems of students.

Julia met DL through a child development course that she was teaching, in which DL was a student. Through this class, she introduced DL to the social ecological model and to the social model of disability, which heavily influenced DL’s worldview. Through many conversations during office hours and later through her role as their research mentor, Julia worked with DL to understand the social determinants of health that affect persons with disabilities in Ghana. They began in 2013 with the existing literature and eventually expanded into original research projects. When DL returned to Ghana in 2016 to found the MFI Foundation, she started advising DL almost every day over WhatsApp, a conversation that has never really slowed. She became a co-founder of Make Fashion Clean (MFC) in June 2017 and continues to lead MFC today as a board member.

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