Sarah Bibbey

pronouns: she/her/hers
Co-Founder & Acting Director of Partnership Operations

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From 2012 to 2013, Sarah Bibbey lived in Kumasi, Ghana as an exchange student with the YES Abroad program. She attended Kumasi Senior Technical High School for one academic year and lived with a Ghanaian family. Sarah’s year in Kumasi drew her in to the hospitality and communal nature of Ghana.

While studying social work at Colorado State University, Sarah developed a seamstress trade school program alongside partners in Ghana. She fundraised enough to enroll fourteen women in trade school, and returned to Ghana in 2014 to develop partner relationships. After the women began learning, Sarah developed a study to assess the women’s experiences in the program.

In 2015, Sarah lived in Ghana for several months, conducting her study. During this time, she was introduced to DL. Over the next year, Sarah and DL developed a close friendship, drawn together by queer identity, creativity, and love for Ghana. When Matilda and DL founded MFI Foundation, Sarah was a supporter, deeply believing in their mission. She came to visit the workshop in 2017. On her visit, Sarah taught MFI Foundation employees to knit, creating the Remote Capacity Building Program. With data collected on the visit, Sarah also wrote a study on leadership in Ghana’s disability movement.

Upon return to the USA, Sarah co-founded MFC with DL and Julia, eager to engage with her passion for women artisans in Ghana. As a feminist, Sarah approaches her work through relational and social justice perspectives. As a young, white, queer American, Sarah is always assessing and reassessing how to best interact with partners in Ghana. Her years of mediating multiple interests, professionally and personally, have well prepared her for her role as Acting Director of Partnership Operations.

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